Paul. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. Paul. Paul. Paul.

photo (2)Neil knows me. The way that coworkers can know a person.

Neil sits four feet away from me. Most mornings, he’s there before I am. He sees me from the moment my day begins, as I slip off my shoes into other shoes – leaning into the mirror, inspecting my mascara, questioning the cleanliness of my blouse.

Neil stares at his computer, but he knows what I’m doing. When you are forced to be around a person for 8 hours of a day, five days a week … you can’t help it. They are your environment. That’s what we are to each other, Neil and I. There are natural exchanges – gum, tea, cash, snacks, snide emails, and inside jokes that make zero sense to anyone but us.

A coworker like Neil will know your weaknesses. Continue reading